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Crabs in a Social Network Mentality

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“You think you’re better than everyone!” “I hate when people do _____ on Facebook!” “Why did she Tweet that!”  It makes me wonder why there is so much negativity about positive things in others lives. Even if it isn’t positive, who are we to argue or complain about someone’s First Amendment rights? Is social networking becoming the “Player Hater’s Ball” of the internet?

Look at how many friends or followers you have. How many of those people have you had physical contact with in the past month? Year? Decade?  You don’t know who they really are if you haven’t been around them. Their situation could be bliss or dire. How can you really know? Or a better question: Why should you really care? Their life changes really don’t affect you any so why should their posts or tweets?

Lately there have been more than enough posts and tweets about what people are tired of and disagree with what their “friends” are posting on their own pages. Noticed I said “OWN” , right? It can range from positive quotes about their family or funny anecdotes about life. Can this please end people? Some really don’t have many bad things going on in their life. And if they do, maybe social networking is not the place to share such information. Everyone has bad experiences in their lives, but does it have to be known by 800 other people?

In this world of no voices or emotion, it is hard to gauge how a person really feels or the emphasis they may put on some words. Voice inflection has never been more important than it is now.  You can type something and it can interpreted in as many different ways as the amount of friends and followers you have. Without really knowing someone’s mindset, how can you really get upset about what they type?

Then there are the “spies and haters”.  This one always confused me because you have control over who is on your list and the amount of privacy that it entails. Why befriend someone who doesn’t like you? I understand that some go through extreme measures to stalk someone, but not the person you may or may not have known walking down the hallways 15 years ago. And if you do have these so-called “haters” on your page, aren’t you enabling it yourself?

Social networking should be fun. You should be able to connect with old friends, make some new ones, and play a few games. It should not be for deciphering who thinks they’re better, who’s life you can ruin, or complaining about what your friend talks about on their own page. Get a grip people,  it just isn’t that serious.


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